Licorice Extract Products

The production process in Sepidan Osareh Co. is done by the most advanced stainless steel equipment and machinery in a very hygienic environment so that no changes will be happened in product natural properties while the taste and flavor will remained unchanged.

Licorice Extract Product
Licorice Extract Blocks

Licorice Extract Blocks

Solid licorice extract blocks are one of the main products of Sepidan Osareh Co. In order to have pure and natural product we only use pure water without any additional agent. The color of solid licorice extract blocks is brownish black. the final product will be check by exclusive metal detector to be assure from its premium quality.

Licorice Extract Powder

To produce Licorice Extract Powder firstly we select the best licorice root from Iran or import from our factory in Azerbaijan Republic. After cleaning, drying and grinding of the root the extraction will be proceed with 17 P.P.M. mineral water. The product totally is natural and pure with no additional agent. The color of licorice powder is yellowish brown.

Licorice Extract Powder
خمیر عصاره شیرین بیان

Licorice Extract Paste

Some factories prefer to use licorice extract paste (liquid). The main characteristic of licorice extract paste is quick dissolving in hot water. Due to its natural texture and semi fluid form, licorice extract paste is a favorite product for tobacco and edible industries.

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